Why is Pet Hair a Problem?

One of the most persistent problems that pet owners face is animal hair on the floors, clothing and furniture. Pets are also prone to sleeping and resting in odd places like old towels and sheets which can also leave a build up of unwanted pet hair. Pet dander, also common as pet pollen, is causing a serious problem for many people who have allergic reactions. Pet dander allergies present a serious health threat to many pet owners, as well as their family and visiting guest and friends.

It is the scuffed off old skin scales that can cause allergic reactions in humans. Animals or pets are constantly shedding this old skin scale, and older animals give off higher amounts of dander compared to younger animals. The dander’s cannot be seen by the naked human eye as they are only 2 microns in size. But anywhere you see a build up of pet hair there is an underlying danger.

Being so small in size means the allergens are easily transported in the air that we breathe and also absorbed into the clothing that we wear and some can also accumulate in bedding, carpeting and curtains. Pet dander enters human system through the eyes, mouth and nose and makes contact with our mucous membranes and the bronchial tubes. Studies have shown 2-micron sized piece of pet dander can float in the air for hours before it ends up landing on a surface. During this time it can be breathed in by one of the family members.

A person experiencing pet allergy have symptoms of swollen glands, general aches, hives, sneezing, swollen face, itchy eyes, nose congestion, watery eyes or runny nose. Pet dander is responsible for cold or flu like symptoms as the body reacts to the toxic material .

Roomba 532 PetHow can a Pet Vacuum Help?

With new inventions like pet vacuums, regular cleaning will help diminish the problem of pet hair. A pet vacuum we is much like a general vacuum cleaner except for a unique brush bar that is specifically designed to pull pet hair from the carpet. Most models come with sufficient suction to remove animal hair or pet hair from hard surfaces and be able not to clog easily when being used for cleaning. Many pet hair vacuum cleaners come with special attachments that excel at removing and sucking out hair from carpet and upholstery. These attachments include hand tools with air driven brush bars. There are many different types of vacuum cleaner models that claim to be better at dealing with or cleaning pet hair and indeed many are capable, however some of them are no different to an ordinary vacuum system and lack a unique brush bar that is required to effectively collect worn in pet hair.

Which regular vacuums are best for removing pet hair?

We hit up Amazon to see what pet owners had to say about this subject and found that the most effective regular vacuum for dealing with pet hair was:

The Hoover UH 30010com

This is a very popular model and despite lacking a brush bar it is praised as one of the best regular vacuums available for dealing with unwanted pet hair.

Other vacuum cleaners that were popular with pet owners included:

  • Dyson DC17
  • Bissell 3920 Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum
  • Bissell Lift-Off Bag less MultiCyclonic Pet Vacuum Cleaner
  • Eureka 3684F Pet Lover Mighty Mite
  • Hoover S2220 Flair Bag less Upright Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba 564 PetWhich is the best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair?

Our research has shown that the most popular choice when it comes to automatic vacuums for pet hair is the Roomba Series from iRobot, and more specifically the Roomba 532, and newer Roomba 564 Pet models that are designed specifically for pet owners. The iRobot Roomba 564 vacuum cleaning robot can clean up to four standard sized rooms with a single charge. It is sold with an extra set of brushes, and a sweeper bin with an extra high capacity for trapping more pet hair, and a set of cleaning tools for ensuring that both sets of brushes are free of debris. The sweeper bin can hold four times more debris compared to the vacuum bin, and it counter rotating brushes can go deep into carpets to remove dander and pet hair.

The two Virtual Walls that are compact can tell the Roomba 564 which areas to clean by placing boundaries in your home. When the battery is low, the Roomba automatically returns to its compact and self-charging home base to recharge. A bristle brush digs deep down into the carpet fibers to remove pet hair, debris and dirt. In the process a fine filter traps dust and tiny particulates that are inside the bin. It can automatically sense and maybe avoids stairs, drop-offs, and detects dirtier areas and spends a lot of time cleaning them.

The Roomba 564 has two interchangeable bins, a High Capacity Sweeper Bins that holds four times more debris compared to the vacuuming bin and is ideal in larger spaces and high-traffic dirty areas. The vacuuming debris bin is also used for routine maintenance of floors and proper deep cleaning of carpet or the rug fibers.

Unlike many models of cleaning robots, the Roomba Pet Series can be used relatively unsupervised due to it’s intelligent detection methods and automatic homing when the battery runs low or when the cleaning schedule is finished. With fully charged batteries the Roomba Pet Series can be able to clean up to four rooms and can be set via a schedule to begin cleaning at a certain time of the day.

For more information you can read our Roomba Pet 564 Review here or our Roomba Pet 532 review here.