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iRobot Roomba 780 Review

Roomba 780 - 1iRobot Roomba 780 Review


iRobot’s Roomba series of robotic vacuums have been taking over households across the world for the past decade with a staggering 7.5 million units sold.

A lot of the technology and features have changed in that time, so let’s take a look at their newest offering- The Roomba 780 to see what’s changed and how far they’ve come since the previous models.

iRobot regularly churn out new models of the Roomba, so we’ll start with the differences between the Roomba 780, and the previous model – The Roomba 770.

From the outside both vacuums are almost identical, with the same height, weight and diameter. The only small difference being the color, with the 780 sporting a dark grey and the 770 coming in black.



The similarities don’t stop on the outside, under the hood the 780 still utilizes the same dual HEPA Air Filters as the 770, which filter more dust and allergens and have a longer life than the previous models with iRobot recommend replacing them every 3 months, which for some people’s needs may be overkill. Every 6 months should be fine depending on frequency of usage. The filters are relatively cheap to replace too, coming in at around 20-25 dollars for a pack of 3.

The 780 also uses the same famous 3 stage cleaning mechanism as earlier models, with stage 1 featuring the rotating brushes that push dirt and debris towards the middle of the unit where stage 2 employs 2 counter rotating brushes that sweep up the debris into the vacuum chamber (stage 3).

Roomba 780-2The iRobot Roomba 780 also utilizes the same navigation system as the 770, using infared sensors to map out obstacles and detect dirt and debris. The sensors are intelligent enough to detect whether a particular area of flooring requires repeated vacuuming in order to remove heavy amounts of dust, dirt or debris.

The main differences between the 2 units, apart from the price tag, are firstly, the virtual lighthouse as opposed to the virtual wall used in the 770 and previous models.

The virtual wall is an accessory that you can use to prevent the Roomba from going into certain parts of your house you don’t want it to clean. When the Roomba runs into it, it will behave as though it had run into an actual, physical wall.

The virtual lighthouse differs from the virtual wall in that not only can it be used as a wall, it can also be used to intentionally direct the Roomba into another room. This can be handy if you find that your Roomba tends to overdo 1 particular room, before managing to find it’s way into the next one.

The other major difference in technology (although a minor change as far as user experience goes) is the use of touch sensitive controls atop the 780 unit, as opposed to the buttons used on the 770 and previous versions.

For those completely unfamiliar with robotic vacuums the 780 also utilizes the following features, found in most previous models…

Ability to set a schedule for the robot to begin and end cleaning

Ability for the Roomba to automatically return to it’s home base, when it has finished cleaning, or is in need of recharging.

Roomba 780 Reviews from real consumers

On Amazon and other robot vacuum reviews we sourced on the internet the response to the Roomba 780 is extremely positive with the majority of owners pleased with their purchase.

Many owners praise the Roomba 780 for how well it cleans the carpets for such a small unit, with quite a few owners commenting that it does a better job than their uprights.

The few complaints we found are pretty much the same stock standard cons that people have found with Roomba units since they came onto the market. The first being that the units still require emptying after every clean. When you consider that this takes all of 30 seconds to do, it seems like a minor issue.

The other common negative mentioned in reviews is that the Roomba 780 still has a tendency to get completely stuck on certain obstacles or areas from time to time, just like it’s predecessors.

And lastly… some owners complain that the Roomba can do a poor job of cleaning rugs, however this seems largely dependent on the type of rug given that other owners don’t have the same issue.

Overall though the Roomba 780 seems to meet or exceed most people’s expectations and with scores of 4 or 5 out of 5 on most sites.

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  • Excellent at removing and trapping dust, dirt, and debris
  • Lighthouse capable of directing Roomba into other rooms and acting as a virtual wall
  • Great at transitioning over different surfaces


  • Still prone to getting stuck in difficult areas
  • Cost


If you’re willing to pay the hefty price tag on the Roomba 780, you’ll find you’re quickly rewarded with a lot more free time. Free time that many people would agree is worth every cent. If however you’re the budget conscious type then you may be better off considering one of the previous, cheaper models such as the Roomba 770 which also do an excellent job, albeit minus 1 or 2 features that the Roomba 780 boasts. Click here to visit Amazon and check their discounted price


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Neato XV-21 ReviewHome cleaning and vacuuming robots have been with us since the early 1960s as a large part of science fiction, albeit with very amusing and even comical results. Science and technology have since caught up with us and a number of cleaning robots have indeed found their way into consumer markets.

Market research suggests that vacuuming robots still have years to go before they become even close to being viable house cleaning solutions. The most common problem appears to be the imaging or sensory technology used by these robots. The ability to identify which spots need cleaning or where the robot has finished is a constant problem for these products.

User reviews and consumer reports are unanimous in holding that this is where the Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner really stands out. The 360-degree imaging system uses lasers to photograph a room from all angles and “remembers” the spots that need cleaning and which ones it has already finished.



  • Three Operation Modes – Spot, Scheduled and Automatic
  • Bag-less Vacuum System for tiles, vinyl, carpet, hardwood and linoleum
  • 360-degree laser-guided Room Positioning Navigational System
  • Includes docking station for charging, extra bristle brush and quick start guide

The Good

The Neato VX-21 in and of itself, is a marvelous piece of engineering. Users agree that for a vacuum its size, it certainly packs a lot of power, perhaps enough to rival more expensive manual models. As its name suggests, the unit does a good job to clean pet hairs from carpets especially during shedding season. It has proven to be a perfect solution for those who suffer allergies but would like to keep pets for companionship.

Neato XV-21 Review 2

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The Neato VX-21 comes with three operating modes, automatic, scheduled and spot cleaning. However, it has found most favor with consumers on the scheduled cleaning mode. Setting the timer is easy through the intuitive interface displayed on a bright LED screen. On the designated intervals, it will leave its docking station on its own and proceed to clean the room and will return promptly when it is finished. This feature seems to stand out on user forums and reviews.

The laser guided navigational system appears to be the product’s best selling point. The Neato VX-21 will take 360-degree images of the room and distinguishes between the spots it has cleaned. More importantly, the constant back and forth vacuuming motion aptly mimics that of a human, with stellar results.

The Bad

The Neato VX-21 will work on any surface – carpets, hardwood floors, kitchen tiles, laminates and vinyl. It picks dirt, dust and pet hair with ease. Still, it has its limits.

Some users have found that the beige color is a big peeve. Neither inspiring confidence nor looking very modern, the Neato VX-21 could have been offered in slightly different colors.

Another drawback lies in the limited battery life. Consumers have no doubt on the Neato VX-21’s ability to clean, but it will struggle to work on larger rooms. Full charges take up to two hours and each one lasts about 90 minutes of good performance.

Finally, there is the price. Manual dry cleaning vacuums with decent performance, good vacuuming power and extra accessories will sell for much less than the Neato VX-21. But at its current price, the overhead cost of artificial intelligence in a vacuum is a bit too steep for some users.


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  • Solid vacuuming power
  • User friendly
  • Works on any surface
  • Premium artificial intelligence
  • Perfect for pet hair



  • Bad color combination
  • Low battery life
  • Quite expensive



Our Verdict

The Neato VX-21 is wonderful piece of engineering, defying the findings of market research and exceeding the expectations of many buyers. Its flaws are certainly minor considering how far ahead the technology it offers stands in relation to other competitive in the market.

Still, the manufacturers can do well to issue an update with more color combinations, or at the very least, something that looks professional. If the Neato VX-21 is to be improved, a bigger, lighter battery or more efficient use of power is necessary. Prices will drop soon enough as the technology is developed further.

Overall, the price is a very small investment compared to its performance. Short of hiring house cleaning services, the Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner is a solid investment to have floors that will never need cleaning again. Except for the occasional cleaning of its bag, this robot is here so users would never have to break a sweat again. It is the first truly smart vacuum and it is here to stay.

Click here to check the current price at Amazon

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iRobot Roomba 564 Pet Review

Roomba 564 PetiRobot Roomba 564 Pet Review

The Roomba 564 Pet Series is iRobot’s answer to the heavy duty cleaning needs of pet owners. The Roomba is a robotic vacuum that maneuvers itself through a home while removing dirt and debris from floor surfaces. Unlike some of the 500 series Roombas, the Roomba 564 is designed with more suctioning power and has a larger capacity bin to contain vacuumed pet hair and dirt. It maintains the circular, lightweight design of other Roombas, as well as other popular features of iRobot products.

The Roomba 564 Pet Series is marketed specifically to meet the needs of pet owners, whose homes may present a challenge to a standard 500 series Roomba. However, with its advanced suctioning capabilities and larger bin, it might appeal to anyone looking to purchase a robotic vacuum.




  • Aerovac technology—creates greater airflow, pulling hair and dirt off of the brushes and into the larger bin
  • Virtual Wall Halo—keeps the Roomba away from pet bowls and dishes
  • iAdaptTM Responsive Cleaning Technology—enables thorough cleaning, guiding the Roomba 564 through the room, alerting it to soft and solid obstacles, as well as finding dirtier spots and focusing on them
  • On-board scheduling—can preset up to 7 cleanings
  • Cleaning head suspension—allows the Roomba to transition between different surface types


Roomba 564 Pet Reviews from real consumers

The majority of iRobot 564 Pet Series reviewers seem absolutely thrilled with their purchase. If the reviews are any indication, the Roomba 564’s brushes are much easier to clean than its counterparts. Reviews state that while daily cleaning of the 564 is necessary, its design allows its brush to easily snap apart and back together; combined with tools that iRobot supplies, the brush cleaning process seems to be much improved. Most reviewers feel that the iRobot 564 Pet Series does a thorough job of cleaning. Many are are impressed with the amount of pet hair and other debris that the Roomba 564 removes from their floors.

Roomba 564 Pet -2One reviewer, a bird owner, was ecstatic with the 564’s performance on bird seed and feathers. They are happy with the extra large capacity bin, another feature that addresses concerns with other models. Hardwood floor owners also commented on the Roomba’s excellent performance on their hardwood floors. As with other Roombas, many reviewers feel the vacuum is easy to operate and program, and the reviews, for the most part, lack technology-issue complaints. Most feel the Roomba 564 does a good job of navigating around their rooms. As a whole, people who purchased the Roomba 564 seem very happy with their purchase.


Though far fewer in number, there were a few negative reviews of the Roomba 564 Pet Vacuum. One reviewer did experience problems with the power supply of the iRobot 564; when he contacted customer service, he experienced some of the same frustrations mentioned in reviews of other iRobot products (service reps lacking knowledge; getting slow or inadequate responses). Another reviewer states that his unit became disoriented and would not return to its power base; again, this is another situation commonly experienced by Roomba owners. One review also mentioned the loudness of the 564, a common complaint about iRobot vacuums in general..


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A word of warning about the iRobot 564’s reviews—all of the reviews seem to be based on recent purchases of the Roomba 564. For example, the oldest review on Amazon was dated December of 2011. Also, there were relatively few reviews, especially compared to the number of reviews that other Roomba products have received. Given that many owners of other iRobot 500 models often complain that their Roomba’s parts and battery seem to wear out quickly, consumers may want to wait before purchasing the Roomba 564 based solely on customer reviews.


  • Does a thorough job of cleaning
  • Extra large capacity bin
  • Navigates well
  • Easy to operate


  • Noisy


If the reviews are accurate, than iRobot has succeeded in solving many of the issues that pet owners experienced with older models of the Roomba robotic vacuum. The improved suction, combined with easier brush cleaning, may convince some skeptical pet owners to go ahead and purchase the Roomba 564 Pet series now. However, many may want to hang onto their money a little longer, at least until the 564 receives more reviews from long-term owners, rather than people still in the “honeymoon” stage with the Roomba 564. If, over time, the iRobot Roomba 564 manages to maintain its excellent cleaning performance, while avoiding a reputation for broken parts and worn out batteries, then this may be the iRobot robotic vacuum that many consumers will ultimately choose. Click here to check the current price at Amazon


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iRobot Roomba 560 Review

iRobot Roomba 560iRobot Roomba 560 Review

The iRobot 560 is a third-generation Roomba, the robotic vacuum manufactured by iRobot. This lightweight, circular vacuum propels itself over hardwood, carpet, and other surfaces, cleaning dirt and debris in its path. It is equipped with scheduling technology, allowing its owner to set scheduled cleanings throughout the week. A Virtual Wallkeeps the unit contained in selected areas. The 560 makes use of spinning side brushes which collect dirt and debris from difficult to reach corners and walls while the high speed rotating brushes clean the surfaces underneath.

The Roomba 560 is for people looking for a hands-free vacuum that will adequately maintain their floors between heavy-duty cleanings or keep their home free of dust and other allergens that can contaminate the air. Older people and people with physical limitation would also benefit from this product. Pet owners, however, may want to consider a different model, in particular the popular pet series robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot.



  • Onboard scheduling—as mentioned, allows the consumer to schedule cleaning times, even when an individual is not home
  • Virtual Walls–again, to keep the Roomba from wandering
  • iAdaptTM Responsive Cleaning Technology—utilizes dozens of robotic behaviors to achieve maximum coverage of the room; also senses difference between soft objects and hard
  • Dirt Detect Technology—Senses dirty areas and spends more time cleaning them
  • Spot Clean Mode—Allows owner to do a quick clean up of a specified area
  • Side Spinning Brush—for better cleaning along edges


Roomba 560 Reviews from real consumers

Several iRobot 560 reviews seem to have a common theme: the robot handles light duty cleaning well; however, parts began to wear out within a year.

iRobot Roomba 560Owners that love their Roomba 560 seem genuinely content with its cleaning capabilities. Most feel that the 560 does a thorough job of removing dirt and debris from their homes’ surfaces, especially when operating on hardwood floors. The majority are impressed with the scheduling capability of the vacuum, as well as the long operating time of the battery, holding its charge through an entire house cleaning. Most feel that the Roomba 560 is very easy to operate, and previous Roomba owners think the 560 seems “smarter” than older models. The vacuum seems to transition well between different surfaces, and several consumers like the spot cleaning option of the unit. Overall, positive reviewers seem content with their purchase; the general consensus is the iRobot 560 does a satisfactory job of keeping floor surfaces clean between heavy-duty cleanings.

One of the most frequent complaints found in negative Roomba 560 reviews deals with the maintenance of the vacuum. Over and over, reviewers complain about the time involved to keep the brushes clean and running properly. Most say that they must clean the brushes after every use, and that it usually takes 2-3 minutes to do so, investing more time in a device that is supposed to save time instead. Another common complaint is from pet owners—the 560’s brush design seems unable to handle hair. There are several complaints about hair becoming excessively tangled in the brushes, hindering the Roomba 560’s performance. The spinning edge brush seems to break off easily, also; several owners indicated that they have had to replace it on their vacuum.


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Several consumers mention part replacement on their iRobot 560, especially around the one-year mark; many feel that this is unreasonable, considering the Roomba 560’s price (around $300 on Amazon). The batteries, in particular, seem to last about a year. A few reviews mention waiting a long time for ordered parts. There are several complaints also about poor customer service, as well.

Several people comment that their Roomba 560 seems to get stuck easily, and, as with most robotic vacuums, several people complain that the unit is noisy.

There are occasional complaints about the iRobot 560’s inability to redock itself, though it seems the 560 has fewer complaints in this area than its competitors. Also, one or two customers commented about the 560’s poor performance on carpet.

A complaint that iRobot seems to have addressed: poor suction. A few owners said their poor suction issue seems to be resolved after purchasing an Aerovac update kit, with a manufacturer’s price of almost $70.


  • Long battery operating time
  • Great on hardwood floors
  • Easy to operate
  • Transitions well between surfaces



  • Pet and other hair can become tangled
  • Some parts are prone to wear after extended use



Roomba 560 reviews suggest that it can handle maintenance cleaning for the average home and will do a great job of it, but that it may be prone to wear and tear over the long run so be prepared to purchase replacement parts after a year or two. The Roomba 560 is one of the most popular robot vacuum’s ever sold and features a hefty list of improvements over it’s predecessors while offering a price that is considerably less than newer generations from iRobot, and many consumers may be willing to overlook some of its issues for the benefit of coming home to clean floors every day. Click here to check the current price at Amazon


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iRobot Roomba 532 Pet Review

Roomba 532 PetiRobot Roomba 532 Pet Review

The iRobot Roomba Pet Series 532 is a hands-free, robotic vacuum designed specifically to deal with the extra hair and debris that pet owners experience.  Like all robotic vacuums, the iRobot 532 uses technology to maneuver itself through a home, suctioning dirt and debris from the floor.  This particular model, however, comes with an additional high-capacity sweeper bin, to hold even more debris left behind by pets.  The Roomba 532 lacks the on-board scheduling feature of other Roomba products, as well as a handle.

This product is designed to handle extra pet hair and dander, and as such should appeal to pet owners and others with greater cleaning needs.  Anyone who is trying to minimize the amount of time he or she spends cleaning would likely be interested in the Roomba 532, also.


  • High capacity sweeper bin  
  • Extra brushes and cleaning tools
  • Cleans up to three rooms on one battery charge
  • 2 Virtual Walls that restrict the Roomba 532 to a certain area
  • Standard iRobot technology, such as light-touch bumper, stair-sensors, and anti-tangle technology


Roomba 532 Pet Reviews from real consumers

The Roomba 532 Pet Series model lacks some of the technology the newer generation robots employ, but surprisingly, a good number of reviewers seem genuinely satisfied with their Roomba 532.  Reviewers seem Roomba 532 Pet -3amazed at the amount of pet hair, dander, and debris that the 532 picked up, and most think the Roomba 532 is very thorough in its cleaning.  In particular, many reviewers are thrilled with the iRobot 532’s performance on hardwood floors; this sentiment is repeated over and over.

The 532 reviewers, as a whole, seem to have realistic expectations of their Roomba 532; most do not expect it to replace their full-sized vacuum, and most acknowledge that the 532 needs daily maintenance.  For many, maintaining the brushes just isn’t a huge issue, and most feel that the pop-out design of the brushes, as well as the tools included with the Roomba 532, really make it simple.

Several reviews mention the Roomba 532’s ability to easily vacuum under beds and furniture, removing pet hair that normal vacuums often cannot reach.  As with other iRobots, many think the Roomba 532 is very easy to understand and operate, and, unlike other iRobot products, few reviews complain about docking issues with the unit.  Cat and bird owners love that the Roomba 532 makes light work of kitty litter and bird seed.  Several reviewers also comment on how quietly the Roomba 532 operates, which is a stark contrast to its counterparts, often described as “noisy”.


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There are, of course, negative reviews about the Roomba 532, but these don’t have the perturbed tone prevalent in reviews of other robotic vacuums.  High maintenance of the unit was definitely one of the most mentioned downsides of the Roomba 532, but again, many negative reviewers acknowledge that is to be expected with a unit like a Roomba.

The Roomba’s 532’s penchant for getting stuck is another common complaint.  Several people express disappointment that the iRobot 532 doesn’t seem able to clean a large area on a single charge. As a result, if the unit has to recharge mid-project, it does not remember where it left off, and starts over again. Along those same lines, customers mention that the unit operates very slowly.  Many customers seem hesitant to let the Roomba 532 run when they are not home, preferring to operate it when they are close by and can fix any issues the unit might have. Some wish the iRobot 532 had an even larger capacity bin, and some express concern that their battery seems to be dying after only a year.
While iRobot vacuum reviews occasionally mention an issue with the Roomba and dark carpet, the Roomba 532 Pet Series receives a noticeable number of complaints in this area.  Apparently, the Roomba’s stair-sensing technology reacts to dark areas, causing the unit to stop and prohibiting it from proceeding further.  Another unusual complaint—the Roomba 532 doesn’t handle wet areas, such as animal vomit or excrement, very well; the Roomba’s spot-sensing technology will compel the Roomba 532 to remove it, spreading the offending liquids everywhere.


  • Great at picking up pet hair
  • Excellent on hardwood floors
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Quiet Operation
  • Works well on kitty litter and bird seed


  • Large areas can’t be cleaned on one battery charge
  • Can get stuck easily


Based on its reviews and its price (just over $300 dollars on Amazon), the iRobot Pet Series Roomba 532 may be a good choice for consumers wanting a simple robotic vacuum.  It seems to do an adequate cleaning job, can handle most households with pets, and apparently lacks many of the issues associated with the newer units and technology.  However, it may not be a good choice for the physically impaired, as this particular iRobot does not come with a handle and may be difficult to move manually. Click here to check the current price at Amzon


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Neato XV-11 Review

Neato-XV-11Neato XV-11 Review

The Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System is a uniquely designed robotic vacuum cleaner. Shaped like the letter “D”, it can glide along walls and reach corners that other robotic vacuums cannot. The vacuum utilizes laser technology (called Room Positioning System, or RPS) to determine its methodical back-and-forth path through a room, suctioning dirt and debris from the floor, while avoiding obstacles altogether (similar vacuums bounce off walls, furniture, etc.). The Neato XV can be manually started or programmed to start at its LCD Control Panel Screen. The LCD Control Panel is the communication center of the unit, describing the machines current actions or alerting the owner to problems. The machine can sense when its battery is low, return to its docking station to recharge, and begin again where it left off.

The Neato XV would be useful for any homeowner or renter, as it can be used on several different surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, or carpet. Robotic vacuum cleaners are also ideal for the mobility impaired and the elderly who can find regular cleaning both difficult and strenuous.




  • Powerful cleaning system–a centrifugal compression impeller is used to create high powered suction

  • Scuff-free navigation—as stated, the RPS technology constantly updates its internal map so that the Neato XV completely bypasses large objects in the room

  • Self-docking to re-power—returns to its dock to recharge for the next cleaning

  • Cleaning scheduler—allowing a person to program the Neato XV to clean automatically

  • Smart design and large dirt bin—its unique shape allows for better cleaning of corners and for a larger dirt bin than other robot vacuums

  • Low-profile access–less than 4” high, the Neato XV can clean under most furniture and kitchen cabinets


Neato-XV-11-2Neato XV-11 Reviews from real consumers

Reviews of the Neato XV are mostly positive. A substantial number indicated extreme problems with various aspects of the vacuum’s technology; however, other reviews suggested that some of these problems were easy to resolve. Some reviewers praised Neato Robotics for its prompt customer service; others were disappointed with a slow response from the company and some of the solutions offered.

Positive reviews of the Neato XV praised the vacuum for it’s superior cleaning capabilities. Even consumers who were dissatisfied with the XV overall admitted that the unit does an excellent job at suctioning dirt and debris off the floor. Many reviewers had previously owned the XV’s competitor; the majority seemed to agree that the Neato XV has far more vacuuming power.

Positive and negative reviewers also agreed that the Neato XV is a very low maintenance machine. Reviewers stated that dust bin is easy to remove and empty, and many commented that the brush design made it a much easier machine to keep clean than its competitor. Many 5-star reviews also praised the navigating performance of the Neato XV. Several reviewers also preferred the machine’s methodical pattern of vacuuming over it’s competitors random pattern; they felt the back-and-forth path ensures that every area of the room is touched. Most loved the fact that the Neato XV moved around objects, rather than bumping into them. Many people were impressed with how fast the XV cleans; in their opinion, much faster than similar products. Another well-liked feature was the Neato XV’s ability to detect doorways.


You can read more real user reviews through this link


Negative reviews seemed to share a common theme—the Neato XV has some serious technology issues. Most of the dissatisfied customers began experiencing problems immediately with their unit. Even people who loved their XV’s experienced issues with the unit, such as random error codes on the LCD screen, or the internal clock resetting itself to zero. A Room Positioning System error was the most commonly mentioned. These computer malfunctions seemed to affect the vacuum’s performance; a significant number stated that their unit was unable to locate its docking station, stopping in the middle of a room. Several complained that unit was erratic before shutting down, or would stop and ask for an obstacle to be removed from its path when no obstacle existed. Some found that if the unit stopped in the middle of a job, once it recharged, it would redo the area it had already vacuumed, rather than start where it had left off (as promised by the manufacturer).

Another issue that plagued owners was the machine’s propensity for getting stuck. According to some, the machine forced itself into areas in which it did not fit. Many felt the lack of a side rotating brush prevented the Neato XV from doing an adequate job of cleaning edges. Another common complaint concerned the springs connected to the wheel assembly; a few customers had these springs break off. And while one or two customers said the Neato XV is quieter than other units, several others disagreed, labeling it noisy, especially on hardwood floors. One or two reviews mentioned that reflective surfaces in their home interfered with the Neato XV’s laser and hindered its performance.


  • Powerful and superior vacuuming capabilities
  • Low maintenance
  • Superior brush design
  • Good at navigating obstacles
  • Ability to detect doorways


  • Docking Issues
  • Does not always complete scheduled jobs
  • Can be Noisy



The Neato vacuum seems to be superior to other robotic vacuums when it comes to actual cleaning. Those that are technologically savvy may be willing to “babysit” (as one reviewer said) the product and work through its few glitches. The XV-11 comes in at a hefty price tag compared to some of it’s competitors but the high level of satisfaction from consumers who’ve purchased it and used it every day attests to it’s quality. Click here to check the current price of the XV-11 at Amazon.


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iRobot Roomba 760 Review

iRobot Roomba 760 ReviewiRobot Roomba 760 Review

The Roomba 760 is one of the latest versions of the Roomba, the hands-free, robotic vacuum manufactured by iRobot. Using what iRobot calls “iAdaptTM Responsive Cleaning Technology”, the Roomba 760 maneuvers itself through a room, gently bouncing off furniture and other obstacles while removing dirt and debris from the room’s floor. Its sensor technology even recognizes hard-to-clean areas, and will spend extra time brushing the floor, back and forth, until the excess dirt has been removed. This vacuum is compact, just under fourteen inches wide and less than 4 inches high; it’s also lightweight, weighing under ten pounds making transport much easier than many of the previous models from iRobot.

The Roomba 760 seems simple enough for anyone to operate, and could be useful to a wide variety of consumers. In particular, individuals who don’t have time to use a regular vacuum every day, but who have pets or a heavy amount of foot traffic, may find the Roomba 760 to be especially helpful. Also, individuals with physical limitations might appreciate many of the Roomba 760’s features.



  • Molded Soft-Touch Bumper—as previously stated, this vacuum is gentle; the bumper provides a cushion between the vacuum and your walls, furniture, etc.
  • Persistent Pass Cleaning Pattern—spending extra time on tough areas
  • Dual HEPA Air Filters—reducing allergens in your home
  • Advanced Cleaning Head—better at picking up pet hair, dirt, and dust than previous Roomba models
  • AeroVacTM Series 2 Bin—suctions debris and hair off of the brushes and into the bin; bin has a larger capacity than older versions
  • Dirt DetectTM—acoustic sensors that find debris and focus cleaning effort where needed
  • Long-Lasting Battery—50% longer than previous models
  • On- Board Scheduling—allowing the Roomba 760 owner to program up to seven automatic cleanings a week


Roomba 760 Reviews from real consumers

For the most part, consumer reviews of the Roomba 760 seem favorable. An overwhelming number of reviews agree with the manufacturer’s claim that the Roomba 760 is great at picking up and containing dust and dirt. In particular, pet owners seem thrilled with the 760’s performance in this area. Several reviewers also seem pleased with the sensor capabilities of this product; most feel it is at adept at maneuvering over, around, and under furniture and other obstacles. In fact, more than one person mentioned that the Roomba 760 seems “smarter” than its predecessors. Most feel the Roomba 760 transitions between surfaces well, and many commented on the gentleness of the unit, apparently an improvement over older versions.

While most of the 760 owners seem pleased overall with the product, there are some common concerns across the board. The most often mentioned deals with the HEPA filters. While many feel that the filters do a good job at capturing the dirt, there is concern that the filters fill up quickly and will have to be replaced often. (One individual, however, remedies this by blowing the filter clean with his air compressor.) And while the bin on the Roomba 760 is larger than older models, many consumers are dissatisfied with the amount of debris it holds and want even more capacity. Several individuals indicated that the Roomba isn’t able to clean the edges of a room to their satisfaction, and more than one individual commented that the machine’s suction is not very powerful.


Click here to read real user reviews of the iRobot Roomba 760


iRobot Roomba 760 Pic 2Another common concern is the self-docking feature of the Roomba 760; it is supposed to be automatically return to its base to recharge; however, the unit seems to have issues in finding its way home at times, pausing and stopping in the middle of the room. The noise level of the Roomba 760 bothers some of the reviewers, and one or two mentioned that the Roomba has a hard time with obstacles, such as cords and cables. The 760’s instruction manual comes in the form of a DVD; many reviewers indicated they would prefer a print copy.

There were some unique situations discussed in the reviews that warrant mentioning. Some individuals pointed out that the Roomba 760 did not work on certain surfaces. One reviewer also claimed that the rubber front on the vacuum left dark marks on light-colored surfaces. Finally, a Roomba 760 review from Australia cautioned that the 760’s power adapter is only 110V and will not work in every country.



  • Excellent at removing and trapping dust, dirt, and debris
  • Transitions well between surfaces
  • Gentle on furniture, walls, and other objects


  • HEPA filter—fills up quickly; may need replaced often
  • Small bin capacity
  • Noise level


For the most part, people who purchased the Roomba 760 seem genuinely pleased with the product, in spite of the issues mentioned above. A person would still need to vacuum with a regular, full-sized vacuum occasionally, especially around the edges and other other spots hard for the Roomba to reach. However, for daily, light maintenance, the Roomba 760 seems like an excellent choice. And if the Roomba 760 reviews are accurate, people with pets will be genuinely happy to own this product. However, with the Roomba 760 price of over $400, many may think twice before adding this product to their house cleaning repertoire. Click here to view Amazon’s discounted price


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